Be Hypnotized By 30 Years Of Formula 1 Evolution GIFs

Intros are overrated, sometimes its better to skip all the unnecessary descriptors and focus on the subject at hand: Formula 1. »5/26/14 7:23pm5/26/14 7:23pm

»5/26/14 7:23pm5/26/14 7:23pm

»5/26/14 7:23pm5/26/14 7:23pm

Actually, intros are very interesting and necessary, at least according to my english teacher. However, after writing a long a descriptive intro, posting it online, boarding a 5 hour plane… »5/26/14 7:23pm5/26/14 7:23pm

Ban Day 1: Mailing Myself Postcards and Czech Math Teachers

My need for sharing has become a neurological disorder. Even though I know nobody on oppo can see this, I still feel the need to post. I plan on spending the next week of the ban organizing these 740 F1 car illustrations given to me by a Czech Math Professor. Don't ask, because I don't even know. Here is every car I… »3/24/14 7:00am3/24/14 7:00am